Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 minute poached egg sandwich

Poached Egg Sandwich

* 1 chicken egg

* 2 pieces bread, Pan Americana

* 4 tsp Thousand Island dressing, made fresh

* Eden Cheese, thinly sliced

* Butter for spreading


1. Poach egg. Fill a pot with water half full. Add a teaspoon of white vinegar to help set the egg. Crack an egg in a small bowl. When the water is briskly boiling gently slide the egg into the water. After 5 minutes lift the egg with a slotted spoon then gently slide into a plate. The yolk should be firm, you can tell by its light yellow color. (Normally a poached egg should be runny but since I’m making a sandwich I cooked it a little longer.

2. Pat-dry the egg and set aside. Slather both sides of bread with butter then toast for 3 minutes. Meanwhile grab a bar of Eden cheese and thinly slice 2 2” by 2” pieces.

3. After toasting the bread arrange sandwich. Spread a thick Thousand Island dressing on a piece of bread. Put the cheese and then egg on top of the bread. Spread Another Thousand Island dressing on top of the egg then add cheese. Place the other bread on top of everything. Slice into half. Serve warm.

There’s a loaf of bread. There’s cheese. There are some fresh eggs from the backyard. Why don’t I make a sandwich? Genius!

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