Tuesday, April 13, 2010

paksiw na bangus


* 1 big bangus, gutted and cleaned, scales on

* 2/3 cup sugar cane vinegar

* 1 tsp sliced ginger

* 1 medium red onion sliced

* 1 clove garlic chopped

* 1 tsp crushed whole peppercorns

* Salt to taste (about a pinch)

* 3-5 pieces green long chili


1. Carefully gut and clean the fish making sure you do not pierce the bitter spleen. Divide into 4-5 pieces.

2. In a pot put the following in order: fish, vinegar, ginger, onion, garlic, peppercorns and salt. Simmer covered in low fire until fish is cooked.

3. Add chili just before turning off the fire. Cover and allow chili to cook in steam before serving (about 2 minutes).

My brother hates paksiw even the lechon variety. I however love it! Okay, only when I haven’t had one in weeks. My version usually calls for a bit of a kick so I sometimes cut a chili in half and cook it simmer with the fish. Also I don’t normally measure anything when cooking paksiw however for this page I’m making an exception. There are a number of fishes that works very well as paksiw. The ones that are best are those with white flesh when cooked. You may also use red or green bell pepper if the ones I indicated aren’t available. Some recipes include julienned bitter melon and eggplant. If you ask me the basic recipe is still the best.

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